Dllrz is a thesis project that aims to provide clear, concise and engaging resources for young adults, to increase their financial literacy.

Growing up and entering adulthood, Danielle noticed a number of her friends struggle with their finances—whether it was poor spending habits, or enrolling in every credit card they were introduced to. Just within my close circle of friends, well over half of them were living paycheck-to-paycheck, and unable to create a concrete savings plan after being faced with the same situation month after month. Their struggle was what inspired Dllrz. Many young adults do not have formal education about finances or money management, and furthermore, many lack good financial role models. Lack of formal education, leaves many young adults without the necessary knowledge about money management and finance to create financially successful lives for themselves. To add to the problem, not all resources regarding finance and money management can be trusted.

As a graduate student in the Graphic Design program at the Academy of Art University, Danielle realized that there was a design solution to this problem facing young adults—lack of financial resources available to young adults that were reputable, unbiased, and interesting. With financial literacy decreasing among young adults in the United States, she proposed a design solution: present financial information in a clear, concise and most importantly, engaging. With more interesting resources, young adults can better understand and prepare for their financial futures.


Financial literacy and smart financial behaviors cannot be learned overnight. Comprehension takes time and practice—especially with a challenging topic such as finance. As a whole, finance may seem daunting, but it can very easily be broken up into different parts and prioritized. This organization of your finances will seem less overwhelming and more manageable, and thus, more likely to bring you success in managing your finances. Dllrz believes that finances can be broken down into time—topics that need your immediate attention, issues that you will most likely deal with on a daily basis, and areas that you need to plan ahead for the future.

Today, everyday and tomorrow create these categories of financial organization that will help you to prioritize your attention and efforts.

Becoming financial literate is a lifelong journey, and in order to become financially fit, you will always want to know where you stand with your finances. Understand where you stand know, and your day to day journey will become that much easier!


These are topics that need your immediate attention—you may not deal with these topics everyday, but the sooner you address them and understand how they work, the more prepared you will when situations arise. Such topics as taxes don’t need your day to day attention, but your preparedness ensures that dealing with them down the road will be a breeze! Understand where you stand with these areas of finance now for less headaches down the road.


Financial topics that fall under everyday, should be a fixture of your every day life, such as budgeting. You should be well versed in these areas, or at least have a conscious awareness of how they impact your daily life, so that you can make smart financial decisions. You may not deal with these directly on a daily basis, but they should be top of mind when it comes to you and your finances, and your financial behaviors.


Financial topics of tomorrow are those that will help you reach your financial goals future, such as investing and retirement. These areas of finance are not something you should have to think about on a daily basis, but they are things that should be put in place to ensure you have a successful financial future for years to come—espeically when it comes time to retire. These finances should be set up early so they build interest—and money—over time!




Corey has worked for a major bank and local credit union for over seven years.




Sam advises her clients in planning, finding & buying their dream home.




As a financial advisor, Daren helps his clients with their future financial planning.




As a graphic design student, Danielle wanted to find a solution to financial literacy.

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